Sensitivity Reading

Status: currently accepting requests for sensitivity reading.

How can I help?

I am now offering my services as a sensitivity reader for any writer who is writing outside of their personal experience. I can offer my services in these areas:

  • queer – biromantic or bisexual characters (including closeted characters)
  • queer – asexual spectrum characters (including closeted characters)
  • mentally ill characters including depression (particularly as a result of bullying), counselling, mental healthcare system (not hospitalisation), anxiety, self harm and suicide ideation – I have been suffering from depression for approx. four years (diagnosed) and anxiety for approx. two years (diagnosed)
  • antidepressants and SSRIs (particularly, but not limited to, Lexapro)

I am a YA writer and have written thousands of words of my own work. I have been reading YA novels for upwards of seven years and have read hundreds of books.

What’s included?

As part of the service I will read your full manuscript at least once and write at least one full page of critique, pointing out any harmful aspects (including citations from the manuscript and an explanation of why) and suggestions of how to fix it. This could be anything from the use of a single word, a stereotype or trope, or a character arc. This analysis will be significantly more in-depth than a typical book review.

For more information on sensitivity readers see Writing in the Margins.

Reading preferences

My preferred genres are

  • Young Adult fantasy
  • Young Adult science fiction
  • Young Adult contemporary

but I will read any genre of Young Adult. I do not read Middle Grade, New Adult, or Adult.


As sensitivity reading is emotionally taxing for the reader, prices are higher than those of a beta reader.

  • Short stories (>5,000 words) – $25
  • 5,001-20,000 words – $75
  • 20,001-40,000 words – $150
  • 40,001-60,000 words – $200
  • 60,001-90,000 words – $250
  • 90,000+ words – $350

I accept payment through PayPal only.

Terms and Conditions

  • Payments of under $150 are to be paid in full before I begin reading. For services of $150 and over, 50% of payment is to be paid before I read the manuscript. The other 50% is to be paid after reading and before I send you feedback.
  • Payment is nonrefundable unless I cannot, for whatever reason, read your manuscript and write a critique.
  • My work as a sensitivity reader is not an endorsement of your work or a defense against criticism.
  • My work as a sensitivity reader is not a guarantee that your manuscript is free from problems or 100% unproblematic with regards to my areas of expertise.
  • You may not use my name as a defense against criticism or problems with your manuscript.
  • I will not disclose any information regarding your manuscript to anyone, under any circumstances, without your explicit permission.
  • If your manuscript is published you may include only my name in the acknowledgements.
  • If your manuscript is published, I reserve the right to criticise the text of the finished copy.


I will respond to your request, acceptance or rejection, for a sensitivity read within 3-5 business days. If I do not respond within this time please send me another message as I may have missed your first message.

Reading and critique time depends on how busy I am at the time. I will give you a rough estimate of how long this will take before I receive payment and begin reading.

If you require a quicker turnaround (e.g. for a deadline) than I originally give you, I can accommodate this for a small additional fee.

To request sensitivity reading services

Please email me at with the subject line ‘Sensitivity Reading’. In the email please include word count of your manuscript, genre, which area is involved (see ‘How can I help?’ above), a brief summary (one paragraph will suffice), and anything else you think I should know (e.g. if you are working on a deadline). If you have any questions feel free to email me with the subject line ‘Question: Sensitivity Reading’ and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Thank you very much for considering me for reading your manuscript.